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On Knowing Biblical Prophecies

Posted in Christianism by entonces27 on September 8, 2008

MP3 On Knowing Biblical Prophecies    

The Bible is a library of historic and prophetic writings. It is divided into two main sections, the Old Testament and the New Testament. The Old testament is probably the most influential section to the early Hebrews and to the Israelites in the time of the Lord Jesus Christ.

    You might wonder why various preachers of today claim to be the fulfillment of certain prophecies in the Holy Scriptures. There are also scholars (as they claim to be) who twist the authentic intentions of the verses in the Scripture. Some turned to be atheists and some others agnostics.

    We should not take for granted the reality that exists today – the prevalence of opposing forced. These are the battle between truth and lies and the war of doing good and doing evil. Of course, naturally speaking, there exist human laws. These laws are not outrightly invented by man but by instinct (according to science) which is the mere dictates of God – the Intelligent Designer.

    In reading the Bible, one should be very extra careful inasmuch as the Bible is an interpreted book already.  One notable passage in the Bible is the definition of false pastors (preachers). It says “false preachers are those greedy dogs which are not contented, which walk in their own ways.” Knowing that there is the Way, already preached by St. Paul, none other than the Lord Jesus Christ, and so we will compare then your pastor’s teaching to the Christian Doctrine.

    On the third century A.D. , Emperor Constantine embraced the Roman Catholcism. This religious group claims to be following the teachings of Christ. In addition, they claimed that they preached the Gospel to the world.  The question is this: Why in a thousand-year of Catholic preaching, the end has not yet come? Now came the protesters, during the Reformation, another religious group flourished claiming to be cleaving to the Christian Doctrine because of prohibiting the image worship. Well, that was a true commandment.  But the question is:  Does Protestant churches fulfill the preaching commanded by Christ? Nay! Anyway, if you continue to argue this prophecy, you would turn to be either an atheist or an agnostic.  The end shall not come unless an international evangelist can cast out the bread in every nation where the shadow of the harlot is seen.

    There is no doubt the Bible is talking about the salvation that begins in the East. Jerusalem is in the middle east but it is not the “land of Fires nor isles of the sea.” Right now, nowhere can you hear in Israel the untarnished Gospel of Christ read to you publicly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. What is the point? The main idea is the blessedness in Revelations 1:3 – that preacher who reads the Bible for free. You can test his spirit by asking him questions of faith.

    Historically speaking, Ferdinand Magellan circumnavigated the earth bringing a sword or cross. That papal intention were Gold, Glory and God. History reads that Ferdinand Magellan discovered the Philippines and without him, the early Filipinos might remain pagan up to this day. Surprisingly, most Filipinos remain pagan up to this day. But not all of them remain Roman Catholic members, some embraced Protestantism. Others embraced Methodism. And much others organized Filipinized religion.

    Why is the topic now becomes Philippine religion? Because Philippines is an archipelago – isles in the East. Besides, nearby islands were never Catholicized. So? In terms of Biblical prophecy, truth shall come from the Philippines in these days. But which truth?

    Of course, let us study the doctrines and practices of major religious group here. Let us begin with the almost 100-year old native church of Manalo. Manalo’s church began in 1913. Felix Ysagun started his group without a penny. You can ask their minister about their history. In terms of his personal practices, he raped many women of his members. Ask the supreme court of the Philippines. His members also engaged in discriminatory practices. Why cite bad aspects? Well, Manalo’s buildings are good in structure, but in terms of doctrine – the Lord Jesus Christ never became a God or god. How sad!

    Next preacher is Apollo Quiboloy. Is he the son of god? Yes, of course! The god of this age is his father – satan. How wealthy is he! He lived in a very elegant life but his members became his servile businessmen selling his tabloid and CDs around the globe. If you doubt my documentation, visit his website and observe his followers. I heard in YouTube.com that he cursed his fellow Filipino televangelist Eli Soriano. He scheduled Soriano’s demise in just 6 months. But did it happen? Ask Quiboloy!

    The third famous Filipino preacher is a mendicant. His name is Arsenio Ferriol. He commanded his followers to ask pennies in the corners of the streets. See how poor they are!

    In summary, many Philippine-based religions are establishing locales abroad. But are they all of Christ?  One thing is for sure, Christ admonished his followers that “not all people can accept His words and His followers will be persecuted.” Is there a preacher in the world today who is being persecuted because of teaching the true doctrines of Christ? I know of one: his name is Brother Eliseo F. Soriano.


False accusations and disinformations against Eli Soriano

False accusations and disinformations against Eli Soriano

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