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Posted in Bible, Christian, Christianity, Faith, God, Life, Religion by entonces27 on November 29, 2009

Dear friends and enemies of faith,

Presently, people find thoughts worth reading, and dare even make movies displaying their thoughts they perceive as worth sharing. But always remember, there are thoughts which are worth remembering and thoughts which are just giving you the way to forget these memorable thoughts.

The Biblical thoughts are thoughts which are worth remembering. Christ and the Apostles forewarned for alien thoughts that might invade in the Christian church. One of them is the thoughts of 2012 movie. I find it hilarious to portray a year which is based solely in the Gregorian Calendar and even hilarious too are the ongoing explanations of most pastors or religious leaders outside the christians congregation.As you currently thinking why I make a topic like this, because we have certain conclusion that there are “alien thoughts” or thoughts which are not based in reality.

There are people who are made to believe that there is no “Creator” or “creation” and there is no such thing as “sin” and they can be good with their own righteous standards. Well, many of them fall to the category of “free thinkers”. But how can they be free? Scientists inclined to study the “brain” of men reveal that male brain weighs more than female brain. And NASA also can’t reach the farthest knowable objects in the universe.  What is my point? Well, think! Can lower-form animals think?  Can they be able to civilize themselves?

In the bible, recognize that man was made by God, even animals. Review the Genesis, agnostic. Now if you are an atheist who never able to open the Bible, start analyzing every bits of information. Man named the animals, but it was never the animals who did what man did. And even the woman was not there when he named the animals. How about the plants? Who named them? If it were not that man is the masterpiece of God’s creation, He would not have warned Adam the first man. You can’t read in the Bible that God warned angels. If you can, help me locate.

There are only two thoughts that people find it easy to remember, the do’s thoughts and the don’ts thoughts. But which side can you be?  If you want good, side with the good; and if you wan’t somebody like you, don;t be surprised if you are identical with them even if you are solitary. Why? because all thoughts are just categorized as worth remembering and worthless in the standards of God in the Bible.

I hope that some atheists turn aways from their present thoughts. I am also especially calling the attention of those who are being enticed by the banner “There’s Probably No God…” There is really GOD. If you think that this word is an “invention”, we’ll find out why it was so as etymologists give an account of its history. As long as there is confusion in the religious arena, and as long as there is a unique preacher in this earth, certainly and no doubt, the entire visible spectrum is being observed by none other than Creator.


Vey truly yours,

Enton Ces

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