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Wordwarriors’ Battle Against the Other Isms Part I

Dear Brethren and Readers,

As I promised and as we christians try to live peacebaly with all the heathens and fools around the globe, we cannot avoid the pervading forces of satan, his devices and all the evil devices of men’s hearts which deceive them totally and lead them to perdition. Remembering that God who is the supreme cause of our existence willed it before the foundation of the world that all men be saved from sinful nature. As the Bible says, to be carnally minded is death.

I thank God that he made the mind of Brother Eli an open door for his righteousness. Wisdom who is Christ dwelleth in us by the Mouth that he gives to us the members of the Church of God International. I can’t help but praise and glorify YHWH and the Lord YHWSA HMSYH for the unending understanding ever since the world began. The three-day thanksgiving services to the Almighty were just another evidence that God is with the Christians. Christianism which is now globally finding souls that might glorify God will really divulge divine themes for the salvation of the upright. Topics like the three kinds of death and the seat of the christians in heaven right now are uncommonly to other Bible-reading peoples across the globe. Therefore, as I perceive that Atheism, another subtlelty of satan, is also showing their great effort to poison the minds of the innocent and strengthen the hearts of the fools, then I start with ATHEISM:

http://search.yahoo.com/search;_ylt=A0oGkw6q4s5JoP8ANTVXNyoA?p=the+atheist+society&y=Search&fr=ush-bc SHOWS different websites about their cause why they became ATHEOS (Without God).

In King James Version of the Bible, Atheos means without God, or outside God. If one is Theos or with God, he may or may not be aware of it, but the christians can see the manifestations that they are with God. How? Of course, by agreement. When they do what the christians do, even if they aren’t christians and haven’t had any opportunity to hear the words of GOD from the Bible, then they are with God. If you are notclarified with my simple Biblical explanations, Ask Bro. Eli Soriano, directly throught youtube.com/broelisoriano .

Atheism is an ism or a belief that is unfounded with topics nor references regarding the word “god” or any “pronunciation” with the letters ” G, O, D”. Lexicographers found it easy to note tha term “Gospel” to mean “God’s Spell.” So, no wonder their is false gospel by false apostles. Good is of course a derivative of the word God because their is no other source of Good but God alone. Now, regarding the existence of God, you can be enlightened by the preachings of Brother Eli if you are of God as Christ said.  One things, I don’t have to add relevant details in scientific terms to prove that the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is an existing God. Remember, I’m here not to preach or else I am adding what my Presiding Ministers are preaching to the christians like me.

Albert Eistein who? Einstein’s many contributions to physics include:

    * Special theory of relativity, which reconciled mechanics with electromagnetism
    * General theory of relativity, a new theory of gravitation which added the principle of equivalence to the principle of relativity
    * Founding of relativistic cosmology with a cosmological constant
    * The first post-Newtonian expansions for the perihelion advance of planet Mercury and frame-dragging
    * The deflection of light by gravity and gravitational lensing
    * An explanation for capillary action
    * The first fluctuation dissipation theorem which explained the Brownian movement of molecules
    * The photon theory and wave-particle duality from the thermodynamic properties of light
    * The quantum theory of atomic motion in solids
    * Zero point energy
    * The semiclassical version of the Schrodinger equation
    * Relations for atomic transition probabilities which predicted stimulated emission
    * The quantum theory of a monatomic gas which predicted Bose-Einstein condensation
    * The EPR paradox  

    * A program for a unified field theory by the geometrization of physics.




Ashkenazi Jewish, he believed in Spinoza’s God (See wikipedia.org) And because of Einstein, another man from Greece was inspired to write the inexplicable, Lyall Watson, in his book “SUPERNATURE.” Naturalism is not atheism inasmuch as it delves with nature while atheists may perhaps become naturalists. Atheism  is concerned with the investigation of the God of the Bible. On the first instance, why in this world would they consider to be unrighteousness the ‘Deluge’? Remember, they stand to be “Without God.” If so, why questioned the Noah’s Flood? It is already in the real of “Morality.” If so, that “Noah’s flood” is unreighteous to these atheists, they cease to be atheists because I knew for a fact that wiccans are not atheists but they live in the principles of  “HARM NO ONE.” Some religious in the Indian Society cease to live with a diet of flesh because they adopt the style of farming nothing. Therefore, if wiccan and other traditions of harming nothing which are all foolish are adopted by these atheist they are depreived of their common sense. Why do they have to strive to advertise that they are atheists? Remember, life is at stake when one is cutting down trees and harvesting plants. Deluge is a natural phenomena commanded by God to let the earth be replenished from decay. If you happen to be an atheist reading this blog, don’t think that you have the authority to question the One who gives you breath. Can you dictate your bacteria to cease working? Can you dismantle the cells which are heaped to form your fleshy structures? I think I don;t have to embellish this blog with questions like those written in the Book of Job.

In this realm of existence, which I doubt lexicographers could point out a single word for this ‘IMAGINARY LINE’, no one among us couldgo outside this vacuum, or else you cease to become a human being but a spirit. Physically, scientists tell us that there are solar systems containing planets, and many galaxies containing solar systems, and many strings of galaxies like the neurons of a human body. The end of one way of galactic strings is unconnected with the other end of galactis strings unlike the labyrinth. So what? Do we have to dig further, no way! We dig deeper. How about the atom smasher?

Now what happened to it?

CERN says atom smasher back in action in spring