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The Power of Deceit

Posted in Apologetics by entonces27 on June 21, 2009

Dearest Followers especially to my brethren,

I address this to all who sigh when a seemingly true “atheist” insisted in his blog that I am an ADD Apologist, I am a member of the Church of God International presided by Brother Eli Soriano and Brother Daniel S. Razon. There is no such thing as “apologist” in the King Jame translation of the Bible.

2: a formal written defense of something you believe in strongly [syn: apologia]

Did I ever write formal defense of the belief I strongly support? Even the word “defense” is not known by the KJV translators, but the word “defend” they had it like the

“And after Abimelech there arose to defend Israel Tola the son of Puah, the son of Dodo, a man of Issachar; and he dwelt in Shamir in mount Ephraim.” Judges 10:1

defend v 1: argue or speak in defense of; “She supported the motion to strike” [syn: support, fend for] 4: fight against or resist strongly;  { etymoplogy: to strike; perh. akin to Gr. ? to strike, and }

See! I fight!!! This is the fight in the Christian way as St. Paul says

Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life, whereunto thou art also called, and hast professed a good profession before many witnesses.” 1 Timothy 6:12

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

Okay! That’s it and I may not be having the authority by word but if  I pursue this good fight as a Word Warrior then, be it that we take it “Power of  Deceit.”

What is “deceit”? Let us use these:

mashsha’own (hebrew for “deceit” G1388        dolos       do’-los       guile, subtilty, deceit, craft G4106        planē – error, to deceive, deceit, delusion


http://www.dict.die.net provides the following:

deceit n 1: the quality of being fraudulent [syn: fraudulence] 2: a misleading falsehood [syn: misrepresentation, deception] 3: the act of deceiving [syn: deception, dissembling, dissimulation] [OE. deceveir, F. d[‘e]cevoir, fr. L.
decipere to catch, insnare, deceive; de- + capere to take, catch.

Be aware the battle in the Philippines, as St. Paul was accused in his times because of his verbal disputes, so also our very own Bro Eli Soriano, who is always accused. Even Bro. Marcos Mataro, a former “Iglesia ni Cristo ni Manalo” minister was shot to the head severl times because of heated debate and brawl which happened at Jollibee in Pampanga. What do I want to emphasize, there are men who never knew the old commandment and is always effective one “THOU SHALT NOT KILL.” The Ten Commandments which pertained to Moses’ times were olden because of the New Covenant of Love. God is love and therefore in Him there is no deceit. But, when you hear someone saying “Don’t Ask Me, or you’re a child of satan” – this is one of the forms of deceit. And many follow this pernicious way. And also if one says “to die and to kill because of god’s messenger will have an everlasting life”, again this is deceit. And likewise, the saying “puera de la santa iglesia no salvacion” (Outside the church there is no salvation) , Oh what a wonderful deceit!

And now talking about GMA 7, this Arnold Clavio, is just a puppet, like the puppet government of the japanese occupation. Anyway, I have no TV and therefore I have no time for ZORRO or his midnight CASE unclosed? Oh, what a poor idea, it should be stated “Case Unconcluded” for how should you interview a case when the Supreme Court has not yet made a decision. Funny or Punny?

The power of deceit is just around us, remember your brain is 70-80% water and also your body. Therefore, frequently use of power of mental frequency. Why in the world will GMA open up an episode like this? Remember ABS-CBN’s Valdez? Why? Because they are intending to belittle the “poor wise man”, the messenger of God, the Jeremiah of these end times.

Very truly yours,

Enton Ces