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Looking Beyond Bare Necessities

Dear Readers,

Nowadays, in this internet age, we see to it that we can grasp messages all through shared by people from all walks of life. We don’t even care to see their reality or their personality as if we can comprehend them through their words and ideas. But bear in mind that there are people who are tagged as “incognito” insomuch that their mood swings. Health education provides us the tips to know who they are. As the saying goes, “Know thyself.”

Now that we are engaged in a great battle against the abusers and misusers of words and thoughts, we should think and as we have the capacity to do so, we have to ask our very self this, To whom are we engaging in this informal chatting situations? Blogging? Who are these bloggers? How about you? Who are you, my readers? Well, theists always stay in tune with thoughts regarding the existence of the Great Mind. But atheists? Why care? Hey you, Agnostics I don’t think you care to realize also that this earth we live in is full of wonders.

Theists are those people who agree that there really is a mingling of the unfathomables with the bounded things. But how do we agree to unite people of differing motives and urges?

People 0f yesteryears were looking for the bare necessities of life as the song says so.

But now, are we still looking for these bare necessities of life? Many people reformed the bare necessities and even tried to change the whole course of nature. They look beyond the bare necessities. Millions of people starve to death just for lacking the bare necessities of life.

The bare necessities of life will just sustain our physical aspect of existence. We need constant knowledge of the very necessities which can lead to the other realm of existence, that of our spirittual side. The scientists are in search of why this earth is, but they never come up to a united conclusion that outside this very universe as they perceived, is the very realm of angelic beings.

Look for things which are beyond your bare necessities.

Very truly yours,

Enton Ces